Vegan “Greek Style” Yogurt

This is a recipe I have been waiting for for a long time. Ann keeps telling me how good it is. Well, finally, here it is. And not only is it Greek Style, but it is made by a real Greek, or is it Grecian?

Soymilk or Coconut Milk Yogurt

32 ounces So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk (divided)
1 tbs arrowroot (you can also use tapioca starch)
1  tsp agar powder
1 cup plain So Delicious Plain cultured coconut milk (with active/live cultures)* instant read thermometer

*You can also use your favorite commercial brand of soy or coconut milk;  just make sure there is sugar added to the milk and active and live cultures in the yogurt. If you use homemade soymilk, unsweetened soymilk or canned coconut milk, add 2 tablespoons of sugar to it, since yogurt cultures feed on sugar.

1. In a large pot whisk 1 cup of the soymilk or coconut milk, arrowroot and agar powder together until the starch and powder dissolve.

2. Whisk in 3 cups soymilk or coconut milk over medium heat until it reaches a smooth consistency.

3. Heat over low to medium heat until the milk reaches 180 to 190 F, or to the point that it’s steaming and beginning to form bubbles, before it reaches a boil. Gently stir the mixture so that it remains smooth and not clumpy.

4. Turn off the heat and cool to around 115 to 120 F (use an instant-read thermometer), somewhere between very warm and hot.

5. Whisk yogurt into the very warm milk until it is smooth. Pour the  milk into a glass jar or container, swaddle it a kitchen towel and place in the oven with the light bulb on to incubate.

6. Allow the yogurt to set undisturbed for 5-8 hours (this depends on the milk used; the cultured milk takes less time). Check the yogurt by tilting the jar or container to see whether the milk has become yogurt. If not, leave it alone for another few hours. *Very Important: be sure to let your significant other or roommate know that the oven light is on for a reason. This oversight has foiled my yogurt making on one too many occasions!

7. When the yogurt is set, refrigerate it and use within a week.

8. For Greek Yogurt, once removed from the oven, line a colander with cheese cloth and strain into a bowl overnight.

9. Bundle up the cheesecloth, pour into a bowl, scrape with with a spatula and voila!


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