Website of the Week, Almond Milk, and iPhones!

Almond Milk:
Tried a new product the other day on a whim, Blue Diamond Almond milk in the refridge section (next to the Silk). I bought the vanilla and brought it home for my kids to try. Now, I should say that my kids are not normal, I think in a good way, and already drink soy milk and eat all kinds of things that many kids won’t. That said, the almond milk is delicious. Rich and creamy, Deven, my six year old, says it tastes like egg nog. It is sweet which they liked and I did too but there is an unsweetened one (Bonnie I know you don’t like the sweet ones). Great for those of you who are looking for alternatives to soy. It was great in coffee and tea too. On the downside, it is not organic. I went on their website and really didn’t get much info about pesticide use, but did find that the almonds are grown in California and are not genetically modified.
In search of more info on the pesticide issue I came across a great website:

What’s On My Food?
What’s on my food lists all the pesticide residues found on common foods. Really interesting and handy so check it out. Even better, they have an app for Iphones, which leads me to my new guilty pleasure, my new iphone.

Mimi has an iphone????
Anyone who knows me well is shocked to find this out. I am a luddite, a simple living advocate, and incredibly challenged by all things technical. We have no television in our house, one computer for my husband’s office, and definately no video games. So why the iphone? Well, why I got it is a long story but I am finding all kinds of great uses. Did you know you can get Vegan with a Vengeance, by Isa Moskowitz (my hero), as an app on your phone???? This was my very first vegan cookbook. I got it before I even knew I was going vegan. It is still one of my all time favorites and I love everything she and Terry Hope Romero have done since: VeganomiconVegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Ah, but I digress, Let’s just say that I am having fun with my new toy and will let you know what other uses I find for it!

Peace, Mimi


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