Carrot Ginger Soup

I have always shied away from carrot soups because they seemed too thin or sweet or something. However, this recipe was inspired from a podcast I was listening to called Compassionate Cooks. Colleen Patrick Goudreau is an activist, cookbook writer, and all around cool person. Her podcast is called Vegetartian Food for Thought

When I first became vegan, I really needed support. I needed to be reminded of why I was doing this incredibly difficult thing. What I like about Colleen is that she is not preachy. She just talks about what she cares about and in the process, I as a listener, feel inspired instead of hopeless. I still find that I need inspiration and moral support. It is difficult to make choices that seemingly very few are making but I am incredibly hopeful. I feel that a consciousness shift is happening all over the world and veganism is part of it.

Back to the soup. This is one of my favorite recipes and more importantly, one of my kids’ favorite recipe. It is warming, satisfying and soo easy. Check it out.

Put 6 cups of vegetable bouillon on the stove. I like vegan bouillon cubes by Rapunzel. Throw in 6 roughly chopped carrots, 1 roughly chopped onion, some cloves of garlic, about an inch cube finely chopped ginger, and 2-3 roughly chopped, skinned yukon gold potatoes. Let simmer until potatoes and carrots are soft. Blend until smooth and serve. It should be creamy and hearty. I use an immersion blender but you can use a regular one. You just need to be careful and patient and let the soup cool down a bit before blending. I tend to be not very patient so I love my immersion blender. I just stick it in the pot!


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2 Responses

  1. Great post! With your support & inspiration I have been vegetarian for over 3 years, with stores towards veganism.
    I remember the vegetarian workshop you did back in 08, I was ready, but I talked about not having the support or I may have done it sooner. I am amazed at how many people I have met or meet that are vegetarian or vegan now. It just re-affirms my beliefs and feelings. I believe more people are changing their lives and that gives me the hope and inspiration to continue. Thank you Mimi

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