Ellen Degenres and my mother-in-law

You never know where you will get inspiration. My mother in law, Marty, and I have always been close. We’ve had many an argument too given that we are both so similar but that is another story. This past Thanksgiving, my husband kids and I went up to Vinylhaven, Maine, a tiny island off the coast of rock land, to spend thanksgiving with Steven’s folks. Steven’s parents, Marty and Steve, bought a house up there after living 2 years on their sailboat. Theses guys are cool. They have lived a very interesting life however, food wise they lean towards the white bread, meat and potatoes diet.

Vegan thanksgiving???

Marty went out and bought us soy milk, and Earth Balance, and lots of fruit and veggies, she even found tofu. I know, I know, I am incredibly lucky. They had their turkey and we had tofu pot pie and everyone was happy. The next day, Marty and I went on a walk and she said, “I saw someone making a vegan Thanksgiving on TV. It was on the Ellen Degeneres show.”. Cool, I thought, I had no idea!

Ellen’s Chef

I went on line when I got home and sure enough I found a recipe for a seitan loaf. I got inspired and made another thanksgiving dinner for my family, our friends Bonnie, Ian, Mente, and Abi (remember, the family who adopted two boys? Bonnie and the boys are vegan and Ian is vegetarian), and our good friends, Charlie and Kiki and baby Vonnie.

Recipes and the Meal

I went on-line and found the video on the Ellen Show. Check it out at the bottom of this post. This link is from a website called Vegetarian Star; all about well vegetarian pop culture. Cool huh? We had it with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, butternut squash and green bean casserole. It was so yummy and the loaf absolutely lends itself to creative expression and lots of variations. Who knew that my mother-in-law would inspire such a feast? Thanks Marty!

This year

Friday, we will be hosting a completely vegan Thanksgiving at our house. Bonnie (of Bunny Love/ B. Love) will be there with her lovely family, my brother, sister-in-law and about 20 other friends. It is going to be rocking. So far the menu goes like this:
Cashew cheese with taragon and chives
Twice backed potatoes
Tourkey roast with gravy
Chive biscuits with gravy
mashed potatoes
Scalloped potatoes
Mexican green beans
Vegetable Kabobs
2 different kinds of stuffing
Cranberry Sauce
2 kinds of mushroom Pies
Pumpkin cheesecake
Coconut lemon Cake
Coconut custard Pie

Did I mention this will all be VEGAN!! Can you tell how excited I am about this. Now, if you are vegan and just incredibly jealous of this feast we will be having, and you are free on Friday, please let me know. We would more than love to have you come too. Really, no joke. LMK, as the kids say, well text.

Ellen’s Vegan Thanksgiving video and recipes


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3 Responses

    1. Yes, it was so much fun. And there was also amazing pumpkin cheesecake, pan-fried seitan, sage gravy, yummy stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce made by Bonnie and Ian, the dynamic duo behind B Love vegan cafe! Damn was it good. Nice job mama! love, M

    2. Loved it! The food was delish and the company was sweet. And I’m still swooning over Ian’s delectable seitan. Soooo good. Grateful we could share in the ThanksLiving feast! Thank you, thank you to all.

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