Vegan Recipe Contest Winners

Congrats to

Holland Dieringer- 1st Prize- Vegan Gluten Free Lasagna

Sandra Lannan- 2nd Prize- Gingerbread Lemon Mousse

And tied for 3rd Prize: Kris Quinones- Chocolate Tarte

and Meghan Anderson- Root Vegetable Tangine


I have a few things to say about each recipe and creator. Holland Dieringer is an amazing cook and was always coming up with delicious vegan gluten-free options during the teacher training. The Lasagna went so fast that many didn’t even get to have seconds!  Sandra Lannan and I chatted on the phone the morning of the party. She said her cake had fallen apart even though it tasted great. We talked about options and she came up with the award winning and creative Trifle variation.

Kris Quinones always has great recipes on her newsletter. She made a comment recently that if she kept finding all these great vegan recipes she might go vegan. Well Kris???

Lastly, Meghan not only made a delicious Tagine, but she gets first prize for presentation. Her recipe was written out in color and with beautiful handwriting. Nice job Meghan!

Here are some of the winning recipes.


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One Response

  1. Hi Mimi,

    It’s funny, just recently I made the observation that for the last few months about 80% of my diet has been Vegan. I still have my love affair con queso, and occasionally still feel a pang for more grounding foods – but it seems veganism has been *leaning* into my life with endless new tasty recipes. And if tastes good, I’ll eat it! Enjoying the journey!! xoxo -Kris

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